About Me

I’m a quantitative ecologist who enjoys contributing solutions to global conservation problems. My research interests are in spatial ecology, biodiversity conservation and environmental decision making. Much of my work is focused on understanding biodiversity responses to fire, habitat fragmentation, climatic changes and biogeographic history. This includes doing a mix of ecological modelling and field experiments.

lk_crop2I completed my PhD at Deakin University in early 2011, where I studied the distribution, ecology and conservation of small mammals in semi-arid Australia. I’m now a Victorian Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne. I work in the Quantitative and Applied Ecology Group and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions (CEED). For the past two years I have been based in Spain at the Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia and Centre for Forestry Applications, Catalonia.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the main research projects I’m working on.

  • Integrating ecological models to secure the future of biodiversity across flammable continents with Brotons, QAECO and CTFC (funded by my Victorian Postdoctoral Research Fellowship)
  • Spatially explicit solutions for managing fire and biodiversity with Bennett, Clarke, Friend, McCarthy and DELWP (funded by our ARC Linkage Grant)
  • Island biogeography of birds: testing core assumptions of MacArthur and Wilson 50 years on with Martin and a cast of thousands from QAECO
  • Trait-based species distribution models, environmental gradients and eucalypt occurrence with Pollock, Morris, Paing Soe, Thomas, White and Vesk
  • How and where do we study habitat loss and fragmentation? with Fardila, McCarthy and Moore
  • Biodiversity indices, scenario analysis and fire management with Giljohann, McCarthy and Regan
  • Managing fire regimes with thresholds to save threatened flora and fauna with Keith, Wintle, McCarthy and colleagues (funded by the NESP Threatened Species Recovery Hub)
  • Fire and biodiversity in the Foothill Forests of Victoria with Leonard, Haslem, Bruce, Christie, Holland, MacHunter and colleagues (funded by DELWP)

You can find a full list of my research publications here and on my Google Scholar profile.

I’m keen to hear from prospective students. Shoot me an email if you’d like to discuss the topics listed above, or if you have ideas for developing your own research projects.

Dr. Luke Kelly
School of BioSciences
ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions
The University of Melbourne
Email: ltkelly@unimelb.edu.au

Currently based in Spain:
Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia
Solsona, Lleida, Catalonia

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