Small mammals, habitat refuges and fire regimes

In February I started new work with PhD student Kate Senior on small mammals, habitat refuges and fire regimes in Murray Sunset National Park, Victoria. In fire-prone ‘mallee’ landscapes of semi-arid Australia, we’re collecting new data on the spatial ecology of small mammals and their predators, combined with manipulative field experiments, to help guide on-ground management of planned burning and fire suppression activities.

During a successful pilot study we captured several native small mammal species (western pygmy-possum, mallee ningaui and Mitchell’s hopping mouse) and tried out new techniques for exploring the movements of small mammals before, after and during fires. Next up Kate will be incorporating movement studies into a planned burn conducted by the Department of Environment, Land and Water, Victoria.

If you’re interested in doing honours or postgraduate studies in 2018-2019 at University of Melbourne on wildlife and bushfires then flick me ( or Kate Senior ( an email. At the following links you can check out some of my previous work on small mammals, fire mosaics, rainfall and life-history.

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