Wildfires are raging in the Mediterranean. What can we learn?

I have new piece in The Conversation with Eduard Plana Bach and Marc Font Bernet.

In Italy, firefighters across the country are battling hundreds of wildfires, the flames fanned by a combination of heat and drought.

This is just the latest in a succession of fires in the Mediterranean. In June, forest fires in Portugal killed 64 people in Pedrógão Grande, in the Leira district, and immediately afterwards Spanish forests went up in flames, forcing the evacuation of more than 1,500 people from homes and campsites.

Fires are expected in the summer, but they don’t usually have such severe consequences. These incidents highlight the need to rethink how landscapes can be managed to protect people and sustain ecosystems when the region’s climate and population are rapidly changing.

Read the full article here.


Forest fires are an important part of Mediterranean ecoystems. Here, a pine seedling emerges shortly after a wildfire in Tunisia. Photo: Eduard Plana.

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